A service to assist those in the visual arts to create and maintain their own websites

Welcome. This site provides a service to visually-oriented artists, designers and other creative people who wish to display their work and services on the internet. This web-based tool supplants other approaches that typically place static, expensive-to-update catalogs on websites.

The only requirement to use this web service is to have a computer with a web browser and an internet connection. You do not need a webmaster or learn to become one. However, this service does not preclude using a web professional at one or more stages in the creation, maintenance, remix or remake of your site.

This service is designed for the visually inclined to display their work, not simply as an online retail store. It is designed to allow creative people to easily control their own website.

The Aesthetics Site tool is currently in beta testing. If you wish to use this tool please click on the "I'm interested" button below. If you already have an account please login.



Initial Website Creation

Before anything can happen your website must be created. You will be given access to your own account on Aesthetic Site that will enable you to define, create and place content on your website. Website templates will allow you to shortcut the developmental process by allowing you to use AND customize already created web pages. If you like we can do virtually all the website setup work for you.

Web Hosting

This is an on-going service to ensure that your website is accessible from the World Wide Web. Your website will be placed on a robust web server connected to the internet via redundant high-speed connections.

Ongoing Web Content Management

Using the same tools utilized for site creation, you will be able to change and update your website on an ongoing basis. After accessing your account you will be able to slightly modify or create a totally new version of your website. With a major website renovation you may create a second draft website while keeping the current active and separate from the new version.

Other Services

There are other requirements that an artist or designer may have, such as acquiring a domain name (e.g., aestheticsite.com), setting up email or customized web page development. These other types of services are available upon request.

Dynamic Templates

Dynamic Website Templates

Artists and designers are specially trained to know what is and is not visually appealing. However, they rarely invest the time and money to learn to become computer geeks. Having hands-on control of the development of one’s own website seems a little farfetched for the average visual arts professional. However, if one were able to take a pre-existing website design, change some of the background colors, add one’s own verbiage and put one’s own personality on the new website then one could streamline the website development process, have more control and importantly save money. Unlike many template-based systems our templates are stored DYNAMICALLY in a database, not in static text files.

Dynamic Webpage Templates

Typically websites have a common look and feel across all the pages of a website. In addition to dynamic website templates, there will be individual dynamic webpage templates that one may modify. Within each page there are divisions or sections. In addition to the modification of the look and feel of individual web pages, the artist / designer can also change the visual elements and content of an individual section of a page.

Specialized Prefabricated Elements

There are some complex but repetitive webpage sections that require a computer programmer. If one goes to Facebook, Flickr, Google Images and other image-oriented sites one will find slideshows and pages with rows and columns of images. These are generated from computer programs that grab images from a library and display them in some consistent and predefined manner on the webpage. Aesthetics has programs that create "prefabs" or prefabricated page sections. A prefab might be a image slideshow, an image gallery, a fixed section of text (called "boilerplate" in written documents) and other programmed or fixed sections of web pages.


The pricing for this service is not yet finalized but it is designed to reduce the initial and especially the ongoing cost of websites for visual designers and artists.

Although the initial cost to conceptualize, develop and launch a conventional, handcrafted website for a single designer/artist can range from $500 to $20,000 or more, the RECURRING costs to remake, remix, redevelop, maintain and relaunch a totally handcrafted website every six months or year (in order to keep the website fresh) can exceed the original cost several times over.

This web development service seeks to take the drudgery and expense of hand coding the HTML code behind each web page. Instead of spending hours translating and experimenting ideas about your website to a web developer why not experiment and decide what you want without an intermediary? More importantly, you can create your own website without learning HTML or other web magic.

Although, in many cases artists and designers will not need any customized web pages, there will be cases in which the tools for this service will not exactly match your requirements. Therefore, it is important to know that this service is not a "closed system". Custom pages, which we will develop for you, may be inserted into a website built by this service. The expense of customization will cost a little extra. Likewise, we can do most of the "heavy lifting" to create the website initially but again at an affordable price. Since we use the same basic tools ourselves the cost will be less than a normal handcrafted website.

Next Step

The Aesthetics website service is currently in beta testing. If you wish to use this service please click on "I'm Interested."


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